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About Us

ARK Dog Walking was established in 2014 by Andrew and Richard.

We met whilst working as lawyers in the City of London. We found common ground through our love for animals and our desire to help with voluntary work caring for abandoned dogs which needed a little help in life. We shared the view that a big difference could be made to less fortunate dogs with very little effort and lots of cuddles!

We recognised that exercise (second to treats!!) was the way to a dog's heart and that exercise was the first step in rehabilitation for those dogs that had been dealt a bad hand in life. 

Whilst we set out to look after those dogs without a home, it became obvious that those with a home also needed some help.

We therefore started to help an elderly resident who found it difficult to walk her dogs and as a result we decided we would extend our services to other residents.

For those who needed us to supplement their dogs exercise because of work or other commitments, we started to charge for our services whilst maintaining (to this day) our free dog walking service to those elderly or impaired customers who are unable to walk their dogs as frequently as they, and their dogs, would like.

Having worked in the legal industry for a combined 27 years, we know how important it is to maintain exceptional client care. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get hold of somebody, particularly when your beloved furry friend is in their control.

We run a professional and reliable team who are passionate about dogs, and treat every dog as if it were our own.

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Our Profiles


Richard is a founder of ARK Dog Walking Limited. Having worked as a lawyer for 18 years he decided it was time to fulfil his ambition of working with animals. He has lived with animals all his life and Richard currently has Hobson, a 2 year old Gordon Setter (who has featured in Crufts) and Arthur, a 6 year old Persian Chinchilla. Richard no longer carries out regular walks to ensure he has plenty of time to deal with our clients' needs and to keep himself regularly updated with all walks taking place throughout the week. His main focus is to ensure ARK maintain their high level of customer service and to ensure all dogs are getting the most out of the time they spend with us.


Andrew is a founder of ARK Dog Walking Limited. Andrew's love for dogs started at a very early age having grown up around them in his family run dog boarding business. Andrew is extremely organised and therefore he takes care of all the paperwork and he is the driving force behind the charity work we undertake. Andrew still however makes sure he has time to pop in on walks throughout the week. In his spare time Andrew can often be found cuddled up in front of the fire with his best friend, Sparrow, his 8 year old Border Collie. 


Lucia oversees the day to day walks across London to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Lucia meets the new additions to ARK to assess their temperament so they can be matched and introduced to like minded doggies. She also spends her day training our walkers and covering walks on occasions. Lucia is super relaxed around dogs and this calm demeanour rubs off making dogs feel comfortable in her presence.  Lucia's first meeting with a dog, when she was 5 years old, inspired her and at that age she realised that she was going to spend the rest of her life looking after animals. She describes the following 16 years looking after Troky, her Cocker Spaniel, as the best years of her life. She is now fulfilling her dream of teaching people how to deal with dogs and most importantly for her, how have fun with them. Lucia is our very own dog whisperer.

Our London Dog Services

We are:

  • Safe, reliable and provide a caring and affectionate service
  • Vet approved and fully insured
  • Based in the heart of West London
  • Guide Dog volunteers
  • Free dog walking service for the elderly and physically impaired

Our maximum group size is 2 and we also offer free 1st walks!